Quartyard – Dog Park, Music, Food and Drinks

The Quartyard is a unique temporary urban park project that uses recycled shipping containers as building structures. The transformation of the empty corner lot of 11th and G in the heart of the East Village has been open for eight months.

The addition of a 5,000-square-foot dog park, where dogs can roam off leash, has been a popular spot since day one. Here dog owners can enjoy a bite to eat and a drink while dogs play in the fenced dog run.

The open space includes park wood benches, large tree planters with attached bar rails, and a giant tumble tower game.

The outdoor concert stage displays live music regularly.

The Quartyad project started with an eighteen-month lease from the city of San Diego that is due in September 2016. Fortunately, the nature of the project allows it to be removed from this location in a matter of days and relocate to another location just as quick.

Let’s hope they extend their lease agreement. Meanwhile, while still here, bring your dog, have a bite to eat and a drink, while listening to local tunes.