Any Coronado Home with Private Pool under 2.6 Million?


Recently a client asked me to find listings in Coronado with private pools, and after our initial search he was disappointed. “Coronado doesn’t have enough homes for sale with private pools” – he mentioned after reviewing our search results.

Coronado’s life style is surrounded by beaches, water sports, tennis, and great golf. A true resort-like community, and when some buyers consider a home in Coronado they want a private pool with it.

Unfortunately, due to the high density in the Island and small property lots, swimming pools come at a high price.

Today In Coronado we have close to 22% of all detached homes listed as homes with pools. This is not bad at all, the problem is the average prices on homes with pools is $5.5 Million, where no-pool homes listed average at 2.6 Million.

There are only 4 detached homes listings with pools priced below 2.6 Million.

If a pool is a must have, what are my options?

  • Building a pool might be an alternative, given you have the yard space and if the cost-benefit analysis make sense to you.
  • Buying a detached home that is part of a community with a pool such in the Coronado Cays.
  • An alternative also would be the Coronado Community Center. This newly remodeled and well maintain center has 3 pools including an Olympic lap pool. I know is not a private pool, but not owning a pool also means no pool maintenance cost to you.