San Diego Bike-Sharing Program on It’s Way!

Decobike is installing 180 bike stations throughout San Diego. The new bike-sharing program has close to 60 stations in just a mile radius in the Downtown-Metro San Diego Area.

Users will be able to rent a Decobike for $7 an hour or $15 a day. Weekly, monthly and yearly memberships will also be available for $35, $50 and $125 respectively. Any rental method allows user unlimited 30-minutes rides, with additional fees if bike use exceeds rental terms. CheckDecobike’s site for more details.

Most stations in Metro San Diego are finished and only missing the actual bikes. This one is located outside Cafe Virtuoso in Logan Heights.

It will be interesting to see how San Diegans welcome the bike-sharing concept. Considering the increase in population, lack of parking spaces, and short of owning a bike, the bike-sharing program sound like a good alternative for locals.

Will it be better to own a bike? The cost of the programs will be a determining factor, at least for me. Nonetheless, I’m glad San Diego is becoming a bike-friendly community, and with programs like Decobike we can keep cars out of the streets.