Stella Public House & Halcyon in East Village

The 3,000 Square-foot dual eatery under one roof is adding some action to the East Village.

Halcyon, on the west side of the building, offers coffee, cocktails, breakfast, and lunch. The large circular bar counter and the in-your-face liquor bottle display gives the feel of a bar, at least on the first visit.

Once you see the proper La Marzocco espresso machine and their coffee blends on the counter, your realize this is a coffee spot. Fortunately, the baristas are knowledgeable enough to pull a good espresso shot.

The inviting and well-decorated coffee lounge opens up to a 1,600 square-foot patio. The outside pool-like furniture and Adirondack chairs give a nice view to Pinnacle Towers East Village park (under construction) and the Coronado bridge.

On the East side of the building is Stella Public House, a restaurant that specializes in wood-fired pizza. A common wall semi-separates the pizza place from Halcyon. The two venues are connected by the free flowing patio. The other important connection is the executive chef, who is handling the kitchen menus for both restaurants.

Their acclaimed Neapolitan-style pizza is backed by the use of local organic ingredients, daily-made cheeses, and a special pizza pie recipe.

Stella’s wild mushroom mac ‘n’ cheese is one popular item, it comes in hot cast iron skillet finished with truffle oil.

The Beet Tower salad is another popular and colorful order. Nice display of stacked golden and red beets layered with ricotta cheese, finished with sprinkled pistachios.

The open bar behind the large counter displays a chalkboard with their 20 craft beer options. Wine and cocktails are also served.

The use of natural wood, Industrial metal elements, and the subway-style tile makes the dining area feel industrial but warm enough to make it comfortable.

Halcyon and Stella Public House are welcoming additions to the East Village. Can’t wait to see how these places will do once Pinnacle Towers and their 380+ units are completed.