Hillcrest’s Uptown District Showing More Than New Colors!

The new HUB (Hillcrest Uptown Block) shopping center got a major makeover. As part of the Uptown District mixed-use residential and commercial complex HUB is the most visited shopping center in the uptown area.

The addition of these benches and the drought resistance landscaping surrounding them create an inviting area.

Industrial metal and wood elements modernize the feel of the communal areas. I am a little concerned about the lack of maintenance, rust is becoming apparent in some of the metal fencing posts.

The exterior facade on University Ave displays two vertical aluminum elements, this is one of them. The light going through the metal against the white wall creates an interesting visual effect.

The HUB became an empty canvas for many of our local artists. The corner of 10th St and University Ave displays this interesting two-wall mural by the artist EXIST1981 (above).

On the corner of Vermont St and University Ave, the artist Skye Walker displays his recognized water and wave elements on this convex wall (above).

The underground parking west entrance walls display this mural by Isaias Crow.

This yellow wood and metal structure sitting outside Starbucks coffee is a little too busy. The bench is a work in progress and it looks out of place, I am interested to see how it turns out.